LTA Inclusion Strategy

This strategy sets out how the LTA will continue to change the culture of tennis in Britain to be more inclusive, which is absolutely central to our Vision of Tennis Opened Up.

We have set our ambition high – we want to enable and drive everybody in tennis to make the choice to be inclusive every day. We will not be satisfied until the diversity of everyone involved in tennis reflects the diversity of the communities in the country.

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WATCH: 'Everyday Inclusion - It's Just Tennis'

To support the publication of the Inclusion strategy, the LTA have produced a video titled ‘Everyday Inclusion – It’s Just Tennis’ featuring contributions from members of the IDEA Group and the wider tennis community, speaking in their own words about inclusion in tennis.

By focusing on inclusion, we are recognising that everyone is an individual and everyone is different, no matter what background they come from or what characteristics they share. Our Mission is to ensure that every individual coming to tennis, whoever they are, finds it Relevant, Accessible, Welcoming and Enjoyable – in short that they feel and are included in all ways.

We know, though, that driving greater diversity is important for many reasons – including to drive better and more inclusive decision making, and so that people from more diverse backgrounds perceive a sport which is “for people like me”. As a result, this strategy also includes specific interventions to do just that.

Visually impaired tennis

Holding ourselves to account effectively, and enabling others to do so too, is a vital part of ensuring we drive change. We will be open and transparent about the data we have which shows the impact of what we are doing, as well as committing to working with other to improve that data and our broader understanding of the issues which influence it. 

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