Tennis Scotland Schools Roadshow Fund 2020

Tennis Scotland Schools Roadshow Fund 2020, kids recreational tennis match.

The 2020 schools roadshow fund aims to assist with the financial pressures of providing promotional curriculum taster sessions to schools: maximising opportunity and awareness of tennis and entry to the sport.

The funds purpose is to support access to local clusters of primary schools to deliver 1 – 2 weeks intensive taster sessions. It is envisage each taster will be delivered 1hr per class to maximise fund value and coverage across age groups and local schools. Taster sessions should inspire, be aimed at large numbers in small spaces, and be fun.

Taster sessions should directly signpost to a venue based free Big Tennis Open day. With relevant free activity provided on the day. Entry level age group relevant coaching and enticing membership offer should be promoted at the open day as example TFK, or discounted membership. Successful applicants will account for hard to reach groups in delivery and follow on activity, reducing barriers to participation. These include girls and women, and people living with a disability.

Measures of success include:

Number of children and families attending a Big Tennis Open Day
Number of children and families transitioning into club coaching or membership

Minimum criteria to access fund:

  • Venues must be LTA registered
  • Delivery coaches must be at least L3 or above and accredited
  • Funding applied for, should be either match funded financially or via benefit in kind (ie coach contributing own time personally)
  • All taster sessions should feed a free Big Tennis Weekend Open day*, set up via clubspark for booking (campaign weekends 16 & 17 May, the 18 & 19 July and 26 & 27 September 2020, however Open days can be run outside the campaign weekends. Sign up from 2nd March.
  • Clubspark for open day booking must be used and attendance on the day recorded. This can be used in isolation.
  • If non clubspark mechanism is used for follow on coaching or membership, insight must be provided in regards to transference.
  • This fund should be accessed as a partnership between coaching team and club venue, maximum award per club is £250.

*LTA Big Tennis Weekends Resource Packs is also available, separate to fund and includes:
5 x branded volunteer T-shirts
1 x personalised banner (made from recyclable material & 100% recyclable after your event)
500 x personalised postcards
20 x personalised A4 posters
And other resources to help run a fun open day

Delivery address for this is captured during creation of day on clubspark event module.

Fund Access

The fund is open now, and will remain open until it’s fully allocated (£10k). It is accessible via application and should demonstrate the above. The outcome will be communicated 14 days from application submission date. Queries to

Roadshow Fund Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Tennis Scotland Schools Roadshow Fund 2020. Please complete the form with all of your details and we will be in touch within 14 days.


Coach Name
Coach Email
Venue Name
Is this a club and coach partnership approach?
Lead club name & email
Date of Open day
Will this be set up for booking at least 4 weeks via clubspark before day of event?
What schools and age group do you aim to target?
Do you plan to complete any specific targeted work to attract girls or people with disability?
What activities/food/welcoming space will your Open day consist of (think on court and off)?
What enticing follow on activity and membership offers will you be promoting at your open day and costs?
Do you currently use clubspark to manage membership and coaching?
If not, how do you plan to provide insight on transference between school – open day and membership/coaching activity?